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Daimler utilise Carl Zeiss HOLOS NT measuring software to audit measurements

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Horizontal-arm measuring machines from Carl Zeiss have been used at the central measuring lab of Daimler at their Rastatt factory for years. These machines are primarily SMM and SMC duplex configurations and are used for audit measurements and problem analyses on flaps and entire car bodies. A PRISMO bridge-type measuring machine is available for smaller assembly parts.

During audit measurements, parts are regularly removed from production and subjected to defined measurements, which enable Daimler to ensure that quality demands are adhered to. Measurements on the finished vehicles complete the process. For this, a state-of-the-art duplex configuration of the PRO select horizontal-arm measuring machine from Carl Zeiss

is available. By means of random sampling, it is used to ensure that dimensions do not exceed tolerances after the components are completely assembled and the car body painted.

HOLOS NT from Carl Zeiss has been used as measuring software on all coordinate measuring machines since 2003. Prior to that, there were a variety of machine-specific programmes. A project was initiated to standardise processes and increase the exchangeability of the measuring programmes and the flexibility of the machine operators. Finally, measuring software had to be selected that unites the special features and new requirements:

  • Connection to Daimler’s SPC processes
  • Use of several coordinate systems on a workpiece
  • Macro programming
  • Automatic adjustment when changes are made to data sets
  • Loop programming
  • Support different sensor carriers (DSE, RDS) and measuring systems (VAST, EagleEye, Renishaw)
  • Duplex operation
  • CATIA direct interface

Daimler selected the Carl Zeiss HOLOS NT measuring software because it meets these demands. Programming efforts are up to 60% lower. Additionally, the various optical and contact sensors have been well integrated.

Daimler have also used the EagleEye navigator optical measuring system from Carl Zeiss on their horizontal-arm measuring machines since production began on the current A class (W169) in June 2004 in Rastatt.

Controlling bore holes is complex in car body construction and particularly in volume measurement. Pressed and assembled parts must undergo SPC inspection on a daily basis. Time and accuracy count. A number of half ball adapters had to be attached for contact measuring, for the flaps on an A class, for example. This is time consuming and difficult with half ball adapters equipped with threads. With EagleEye navigator, Daimler save a third of the time required to measure flaps (doors, hatchbacks, hoods and fenders). EagleEye navigator also delivers results whose quality can be exactly evaluated, with maximum accuracy and high measuring speed.

Almost 75% of all audit measurements are now performed with the EagleEye navigator optical system. The close cooperation between Carl Zeiss and Daimler in the area of measuring software development and sensor applications has enabled both enterprises to improve their respective products.

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