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Combining Measurements for Geometry and Surface

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Geometries and surface roughness can be measured and automatically documented in one set-up with Carl Zeiss Handysurf, DuraMax and CALYPSO. CAD-based CALYPSO 3D measuring software from Carl Zeiss can be used to verify the quality of workpieces by capturing geometry and surface data.

This is made possible with a new interface from CALYPSO to the surface measuring machines from Carl Zeiss. A hardware and software package is available for the DuraMax coordinate measuring machine and the Handysurf surface measuring instrument.

Special measuring machines are helpful as they can be optimally adjusted to the measuring task. However, dealing with several measuring logs is difficult, time-consuming and costly. The automatic merging of the measuring results is easy. CALYPSO and Handysurf are manual surface measuring instruments from Carl Zeiss.

Handysurf and DuraMax from Carl Zeiss are scanning measuring machines featuring the fast VAST XXT sensor that is suitable for all gages/gauges. These can be used in any size workshop or for inline process control. The VAST XXT scanning sensor permits form statements on all part features. DuraMax is powerful when combined with CALYPSO software, the standard software for coordinate measuring machines from Carl Zeiss.

Together with Handysurf, DuraMax offers comprehensive measurements of the workpiece shape and surface. Handysurf measuring machine is easy to use, small and lightweight, thus using less space on DuraMax. It fulfills the ISO, DIN, CNOMO, JIS and ASME surface standards. Handysurf measuring machine measures horizontally, vertically and overhead. It is also possible to separate the tracer driver from the display unit and to use it with optional holding devices. Different configurations of Handysurf measuring machine enable adjustment to the respective task. The results of the surface measurement can be transferred to a computer through a serial interface.

A special PCM programme from Carl Zeiss featuring a machine driver for the serial interface enables the connection to Handysurf measuring machine. The surface measurement is an inspection feature in the CALYPSO measurement plan. The feature starts the PCM programme, which guides the operator through the manual surface measurements with Handysurf. The results of both measurements, CNC and surface, are provided in the same measuring log. The surface measurement is performed before or after the CNC-measurement.

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