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Carl Zeiss launches Auriga CrossBeam workstation

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Carl Zeiss  SMT has introduced its newly developed Auriga CrossBeam (FIB-SEM) workstation. The company has incorporated a huge number of innovations in the new Auriga CrossBeam workstation.    

New chamber design and unique charge compensation system for advanced analytics Chemical analysis, crystallographic information, the complete morphology, electrical information … the number and complexity of tasks required to obtain an extensive sample characterization on the nanometer scale is unlimited, as is the number and variety of samples.  

Therefore, flexibility is a must. In order to meet this requirement, Auriga CrossBeam workstation has a completely redesigned vacuum chamber, which now includes a total of 15 ports for different detectors. Additionally, an unrivaled charge compensation system enables the local application of an inert gas flush.  

Also EDS, EBSD, SIMS and many more analytical methods benefit from this technology, supporting numerous applications in materials analysis, life sciences and semiconductor technology.  

Precise processing of samples by unique imaging

The very heart of the Auriga CrossBeam workstation is the proven Gemini FE-SEM column. Its special in-lens EsB detector offers images with excellent material contrast. Additionally, the design of the Gemini column enables the analysis of magnetic samples. A feature unique to CrossBeam workstations from Carl Zeiss is simultaneous milling and high-resolution SEM imaging.  

Future-Assured upgrade path

Flexible adaptation to changing or growing demands is a requirement that is perfectly supported by Auriga CrossBeam workstation. Starting with a high-performance FE-SEM platform the system can be upgraded according to budgetary requirements or analytical needs to become a fully equipped CrossBeam workstation, including FIB column, gas injection system, charge compensation and an extensive variety of detectors.  

The Auriga CrossBeam workstation initially can be configured to meet today’s requirements while, at the same time, allow for upgradeability to meet future needs with leading-edge performance.

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