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Carl Zeiss gives the MMZ T coordinate measuring machines a facelift

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Carl Zeiss Pty Ltd  has expanded the measuring range and added more load capacity as part of a facelift to its MMZ T coordinate measuring machines to meet rising challenges in quality inspection.  

Manufacturers of ship engines, gears for construction equipment and giant wind turbines use the MMZ T from Carl Zeiss to measure large parts with particularly narrow tolerances. Increasingly precise manufacturing methods and narrow tolerances in measuring technology are needed today for wind turbines to generate twice as much energy or for ship engines to reliably move ever larger cruise ships across the world’s oceans without needing more energy.  

Coordinate measuring machines must therefore be designed for increasingly larger and heavier parts.  

Thanks to its design, the MMZ T does not require an additional foundation. The modified MMZ T coordinate measuring machines now enable parts weighing up to 10 tons to be accommodated, 50% higher than in the past. Additionally, the machine is 15% more accurate and at least 10% faster depending on the workpiece.  

The greater accuracy in the enhanced MMZ T coordinate measuring machines benefits manufacturers in industries where tolerances are becoming increasingly narrow. For instance, the more precise the manufacture of parts relevant to functionality, such as gear wheels or turbine blades, the lower the risk of failure or disproportionate wear and tear, which in the case of wind turbines can be extremely time consuming and expensive involving the replacement of rotor blades and gears at height.  

The 50% increase in travel speed in all axes can for instance, reduce the measuring time by about 10% on a gear casing being measured with a 500mm long stylus. Key benefits include quicker feedback for production and higher throughput of large parts, saving valuable time in quality inspection.  

Specifications of MMZ T coordinate measuring machines:  

  • Max. workpiece load: 10 tons
  • Expanded measuring range (mm): x 2100; y up to 4400; z up to 1600
  • Higher accuracy: Length measuring error (μm) from 2.5+L/400
  • Travel speed in all axes increased by 50% from 200 to 300 mm/s
  • Mass multi-sensor technology for more flexibility: VAST gold, VAST XT gold and VAST XTR; On RDS articulating probe holder: VAST XXT and VAST XDT
  • Optical ram protection system
  • Optional integrated rotary table; no loss of measuring range
  • Ergonomically correct design

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