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Carl Zeiss DuraMax 3D coordinate measuring machine withstand rough environments

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Carl Zeiss  bring scanning to the smallest workshop with their new DuraMax 3D coordinate measuring machine (CMM). However, DuraMax is also suitable for inline process control. DuraMax meets the needs of users of dimensional measuring technology in many aspects and it is an affordable access to ZEISS scanning technology.

DuraMax, the compact scanning measuring machine operate the machine and perform measurements. The ease of use makes this ‘scanning machine for everyone’ a suitable replacement tool. The new coordinate measuring machine (CMM) developed according to customer needs is compact and state of the art. DuraMax thus opens up new customer segments. The focus is on small and mid-sized operations, as well as customers looking to replace a manual measuring machine.

DuraMax 3D coordinate measuring machine permits single-point probing and scanning. The VAST XXT sensor scans with high speed. It is known for precision measurements and provides dimensional information on the part features. DuraMax is powerful when combined with CALYPSO software, the standard software for CMMs from Carl Zeiss.

Every company has a variety of measuring equipment that should be manually operated, maintained and subjected to test device monitoring, if necessary. DuraMax can replace equipment such as height, sliding and ring gages, and also offers ease of use with better accuracy. DuraMax 3D coordinate measuring machine deals primarily with the fast completion of simple measuring tasks that contain several geometric features. CALYPSO measuring software provides corresponding features for this.

Many companies currently use gages to monitor and control their production processes. These are less flexible when modifications are made to products and result in high calibration and monitoring costs. Changes to a workpiece generally lead to considerable costs. Both measuring equipment and the associated gages have to be modified or purchased. On the other hand, if an in-line CMM is used, these costs are eliminated.

The necessary documentation for reliable process monitoring is problematic with gages. With DuraMax 3D coordinate measuring machine and CALYPSO measuring software, every product modification or even single feature is implemented immediately. Simple measuring runs can be started with the AutoRun user interface by clicking on the icons. The measurement or stylus change is then performed fully automatically. Furthermore, the measuring results can be printed as a log or transferred to statistic software. Each measurement is documented and traceable with better reproducibility and accuracy than gages.

An additional benefit is the compact design of DuraMax. If needed, it can be quickly moved to a different location within the facility. Once connected to a power source it is ready for action. This is possible because pressurised air is not required. Plug and play was the main idea for the impressive design and installation concept of DuraMax. DuraMax is also suitable for production series control in the production process in the area of in-line applications. This can occur through complete integration into the production process or as a bypass solution.

DuraMax enables fast and efficient process monitoring. Due to its compact size and integration potential, this machine can be easily installed on production lines. Additionally, the same measuring technology and software are used as on the coordinate measuring machines in the measuring lab.

DuraMax withstand rough environments and demonstrates its high stability over a broad temperature range. The MPE values range from 2.4 + L/ 00 µm at 18°C to 22°C and 2.9 + L/ 00µm at 18°C to 20°C. The passive vibration damping offers protection against mechanical vibrations from production. Glass ceramic length measuring systems for the three axes, their protection with bellows, precise linear guideways and rigid, limited drives ensure precise measuring even under poor environmental conditions.

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