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Carl Zeiss CALYPSO CNC programs enable measurement plan programming

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CALYPSO CNC programs, available from Carl Zeiss , can be automatically optimised using the Master Control centre software depending on the status of production.

CALYPSO CNC programs enable measurement plan programming, which are based on the production process-oriented measurement planning principle. A CNC program in CALYPSO is not linear but hierarchical and therefore in line with the production process. The technique of feature-oriented measuring permits individual inspection of selected size, form and position features. CALYPSO CNC programs have the ability of automatically modifying a measurement plan depending on requirements. Single features or entire production segments can also be inspected depending on the process.

Measurement sequences required for the process segment to be evaluated can be automatically extracted from a complete CNC run and used depending on the status of production or the specified statistical parameters. Users define the rules based on production parameters to make measuring runs efficient. Until now, fixed CNC runs had to be programmed to inspect workpieces. Each change to the scope of testing meant time-consuming manual intervention in the CNC program.

The Master Control Centre (MCC) from Carl Zeiss enables integration of dynamic rules into measurement plans and CNC programs using CAD-based CALYPSO measuring software.

The combination of MCC and CALYPSO on coordinate measuring machines permits optimum coordination of the existing measuring capacity to the production process. More workpieces can be inspected within the available measuring time. The inspection level can be adjusted to the needs of production through dynamic process inspection. Modification of CALYPSO CNC programs on the measuring machine is not required. The system automatically calculates the new travel paths for the dynamic characteristic lists and the selected features.

Influences caused by changes in the production process, such as a tool change, can be immediately inspected. Tool endurance can be extended as the characteristics influenced by the tool can be better monitored. The targeted monitoring of the relevant feature sequence leads to productive measuring, thus improving quality assurance.

Coordinate measuring machines are increasingly replacing mechanical gages in production. These machines capture the real workpiece geometry in form and position. The features depicted in the technical drawing are inspected using CALYPSO measuring software. From these actual values, CALYPSO CNC programs calculate the deviation from the nominal specifications.

The Master Control centre software and CALYPSO measuring software inspect selected features on the workpieces of an entire series. The Master Control Centre software and CALYPSO CNC programs increase measuring capacities, reduce inspection costs, lower the programming expenses for CNC runs and shorten the inspection times of workpieces.

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