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article image The new scanning measuring machine from Carl Zeiss: CONTURA G2 navigator for very fast and accurate measurements
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Carl Zeiss Pty Ltd  introduces the accurate and fast CONTURA G2 navigator coordinate measuring machines to the CONTURA G2 product line.

CONTURA G2 navigator coordinate measuring machines feature the dynamic navigator technology from Carl Zeiss, which significantly increases the scanning speed without sacrificing measuring accuracy. The introduction of the CONTURA G2 navigator makes this unique technology available in this machine class for the first time.

CONTURA G2 navigator is available with measuring ranges of X = 700, Y = 700 and Z = 600 millimetres and X = 700, Y = 1000 and Z = 600 millimetres.

Key technological features in the CONTURA G2 include the highly sensitive VAST XT gold active probe, CAD-based CALYPSO measuring software in conjunction with the VAST navigator option and an intelligent scanning engine for a control unit.

These features combine to deliver considerably higher productivity than traditional scanning through very short calibration times, very fast determination of size, form and position as well as precise measurements even with complex stylus systems.

Practical benefits of the CONTURA G2 include the self-centring probing function, mechanical collision protection and automatic counterbalancing every time the stylus is changed. Styli with a length of up to 500mm and weight of up to 500 grams can be used.

CONTURA G2 navigator coordinate measuring machines also achieve the length measuring error threshold of MPEE = 1.5 + L/333 as an HTG measuring machine (High Temperature Gradient) for the expanded temperature range of 18 - 26ºC. Equipped with additional temperature sensors, the measuring machine can also be operated with minimal climatization.

Application scope of the CONTURA G2 product line:

The CONTURA G2 line offers the right coordinate measuring machine for a wide range of applications based on the measuring requirements.

CONTURA G2 direkt is equipped with the VAST XXT scanning probe, and can measure a large number of workpieces.

CONTURA G2 RDS is ideal for parts with different angular positions or when small styli are required. The RDS stepping articulating probe holder featuring computer aided accuracy (CAA) enables reliable measurement of even difficult geometries in just a few measuring runs. The RDS also allows the use of contact and optical sensors for maximum flexibility.

CONTURA G2 aktiv coordinate measuring machine features long styli for measurements deep into a part. Equipped with the VAST XT active scanning probe, CONTURA G2 aktiv ensures productive measuring.

Both CONTURA G2 RDS and CONTURA G2 aktiv machines are available with measuring ranges from 700x700x600 mm to 1000x1200x600 mm. The effective Z measuring range can be expanded by 200mm with the U-shaped granite table option for larger workpieces.

CONTURA G2 navigator coordinate measuring machines are now available for measuring applications with increased requirements on speed, accuracy and productivity.

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