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Cardno introduces new automated model to evaluate pallet racking structures

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Leading consulting engineering company Cardno has developed an automated Finite Element Analysis (FEA) model to evaluate pallet racking structures.

The new method is capable of building and analysing pallet racking structures through a completely automated system. The development, analysis and evaluation process of each rack type no longer requires manual building and testing of each FEA model. For clients this equates to a significant cost saving.

Cardno is now able to deliver clients advanced finite analysis modelling, full scale testing and certification more efficiently than in the past. With the new FEA model the fee to analyse and certify pallet racks has halved, ensuring clients receive cost effective and efficient service. The improved efficiency of the analysis and certification process enables the client to save valuable time.

According to NSW, as leading analysts and engineers, its efforts have been focused on developing proficient and dynamic solution possible.

NSW understands the dynamics of, and the myriad of forces on structures, but just as importantly it also understand the business needs of its clients and, deliver solutions that solve each design challenge.

Cardno’s automated model ensures the design of each pallet racking structure reaches its maximum potential, without compromising the health and safety of employees and stock in each environment.

The automated FEA model has already been used with success. According to Dematic the automated FEA model is an important and innovative development.

The automated model developed by Cardno has streamlined the analysis and certification process, and lead to significant cost reductions opening the doors to many new markets.

Cardno boast a team of experienced specialist engineers who have a comprehensive analytical capability who ensure the analysis of structural designs is comprehensive and focused on finding the appropriate solution.

Cardno’s structural design experience and expertise also includes cable structures, arch structures, major bridges, membrane structures, manufactured components, research and development, and vibration assessment.

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