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Cardboard Cartons - immaculate presentation

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article image Cardboard Cartons’ business is built on excellence in customer service and the way the company presents its products and services.

CARDBOARD Cartons , a packaging manufacturer in Dandenong in Melbourne's south east, has placed its faith in a new Isuzu truck to move its shipments up to three times a day across metropolitan Melbourne.

Cardboard Cartons' products range from cardboard to timber and polystyrene, while items packaged for clients include food, flowers, aircraft parts, and automotive equipment.

Cardboard Cartons purchased a new Isuzu FVR 950 SiTEC 270 in November, 2000 to cope with the increasing demand for deliveries.

The FVR carries 14 pallets in the tautliner compared to 10 for the older truck it replaced.

"We just can't deliver quickly enough, which is a nice position to be in," director Linden Barry said.

"We head out the door with 14 pallets instead of 10, three times a day - we'd do it four times if there were enough hours in the day!

"The truck really gets up and moves with the traffic - we'd probably fill it with volume before we'd ever get to the weight capacity with cardboard boxes.

"When an industry is dominated by giant multinationals, a small specialist company has to be that bit different, do things that much better, to make itself known and accepted," he said.

The company takes great pride in its personalised service and commitment to the community - from its key message, 'we treat you like an individual because you are one', to its involvement with the Victorian Country Fire Authority (CFA).

Mr Barry pointed out that to get the attention of the two major carton and packaging companies, "you need to be spending hundreds of thousands of dollars. Spend $5000 with us, and we'll treat you like a king".

Manager Tim Watkins said being responsive to customer needs was fundamental to the company's success.

"Quite often we'll have responded, quoted, sampled and delivered the product in the time it takes one of the bigger companies to acknowledge an order."

The truck's immaculate presentation is an outcome of Linden's commitment to Victoria's largely volunteer regional fire fighting service, the CFA - he's Deputy Group Officer in the Pakenham area - and Tim's dedication to running tip-top trucks.

Tim spent several years managing the Spotless company's large fleet, and oversaw the conversion of the entire fleet to Isuzu.

He ensured the trucks on the road were highly noticeable and strikingly detailed - an attention to presentation he's continued with Cardboard Cartons.

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