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Energy control and emission tracking software from CarbonetiX

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CarbonetiX  is an energy efficiency engineering company in Melbourne that provides energy audit, carbon footprint and energy monitoring solutions. CarbonetiX offers its services to a wide variety of organisations including schools, government organisations and private businesses.

CarbonMetriX is the online tracking software provided by CarbonetiX that has been successfully used by all types of organisations to monitor their carbon emission levels. CarbonMetriX takes data from the members of the organisation regarding energy usage, tabulates relevant data and generated useful reports at the click of a button. Exception reports are also generated that can be compared with previous results to determine the rate of change of emission levels over a period of time. Exception reports from CarbonMetriX enable organisations to compare current energy usage and conservation levels with those of the previous instances to ensure that they have cut down on their energy usage and increased their emission control.

CarbonetiX involves a behavioural change component in all of its projects to focus on myth destruction, advice on purchasing procedures and also make energy and greenhouse figures more tangible for the client organisations. For example, the School Environment Tracking System (SETS) developed by CarbonetiX acts both as a reporting tool as well as behaviour change tool.

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