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Carbon emission reduction projects by CarbonetiX

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CarbonetiX  is an energy audit service provider that also undertakes projects dealing with carbon and greenhouse gas emission control. All types of organisations need to be aware of their carbon pollutant emission level in order to effectively control it thereby leading to a cleaner environment.

An audit process alone does not ensure emission control. Hence, CarbonetiX also helps in tracking, reporting and actively reducing the carbon emissions. The tracking process is done by CarbonetiX is done on electricity, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and natural gas. Further the vehicles used by the organisation are also tracked. Water utilisation levels are also tracked. All values are entered by each worker, online in their respective accounts, for each process done. A comparative analysis of these values helps CarbonetiX determine the top highest polluting sites, vehicles and accounts in the organisation.

CarbonetiX, through its interactive web interface, plots and creates usage graphs and indicator graphs on greenhouse gas emission levels for each process and sub process in the organisation. Based on these graphs, CarbonetiX can suggest conservation and control measures that would suit the organisation. Cost effective and environment friendly projects are implemented by CarbonetiX in both small and large organisations that include changes in the energy usage method in lighting, water supply and electricity.

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