CarbonetiX is an energy efficiency engineering company in Melbourne that provides energy audit, carbon footprint and energy monitoring solutions.  CarbonetiX offers its services to a wide variety of organistations including schools, government organisations and private businesses.


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25/03/08 - CarbonetiX is a consulting company specialising in providing energy audits for various organisations in both the government and private sector.
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24/03/08 - CarbonetiX is an energy audit service provider that also undertakes projects dealing with carbon and greenhouse gas emission control.
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21/03/08 - CarbonetiX is an engineering and consulting company in Australia that provides energy auditory services as well as tracking and implementation of carbon emission control.

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CarbonetiX (Head office) Update these details
PO Box 590
VIC 3199
Tel: 1300 311 763
Fax: 03 9783 9068

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Fluoro Mirror Reflectors

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