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WeldLogger software enhances Car-O-Liner welder

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article image CR500 DA Inverter spot welder

The CR500 DA Inverter spot welder from Car-O-Liner has been enhanced with the release of new software, which gives the user even greater control over the welding process.

Called WeldLogger, the software allows the user to record all welding data and analyse all the relevant welding parameters, including specific spot welding joints, material thickness, air pressure, welding results and so on.

CR500 DA Inverter spot welder easily works with today’s high strength steels, which require a lot of energy to weld, but cannot be overheated.

This fully-featured spot welder is air-cooled with two fans and generates overheat warning, for added safety. Protection rating is to IP21.

The CR500 Inverter spot welder will handle up to a maximum of 12,000 Amps, with inverter frequency of up to 2,000Hz. Electrode pressure is up to 7.5 Bar.

The addition of WeldLogger software means that the user has the ability to document all welding data, recording relevant welding current, time, date, programme used and all results.

The WeldLogger software also allows for the creation of work orders. All data are not only saved in memory, but can be printed out as required. CR500’s smart control panel has 11 operating modes and holds up to 40 welding programmes.

Other features include automatic adhesive detection and adjustment, as well as energy control. This feature compensates for heat losses, by keeping fixed energy levels—according to the thickness and quality of sheets being welded.

To ensure consistent current levels, current control compensates for heat loss and variations of the main supply voltage.

The CR500 Inverter spot welder is available with a support arm that follows the operator wherever the spot gun is placed. Optional welding attachments include a 600-yoke kit and a fender edge kit.

Car-O-Liner also manufactures a range of MIG and aluminium welders for body shop use.

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