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article image Designed with inverter technology to produce quality welds.

IDEAL for most spot welding requirements, the CR500 Spot Welder from Car-O-Liner has been designed with inverter technology to produce quality welds and to work with most types of steel, including new high-strength steels.

Supplied as a complete system, the unit comes with a welder unit fitted with a multifunction gun and a spot gun, as well as a unique control panel thhat allows the user to manage the entire welding process.

The CR500 comes with four welding cables to provide quick access to double-sided, single sided and other types of welding without having to switch tools.

The CR500 is highly versatile and is able to provide efficient and rapid welding.

The CR500 also does spot hammer welding, nut and bolt welding, carbon shrinking, contract shrinking, moulding clip and rivet welding.

The device will weld ferro steel, zinc coated steel, galvanised steel, plus a range of high strength steels, including boron steel.

A built-in pneumatic feature presses the welding tips together automatically when triggered. The compression is adjustable from the control panel.

An optional support arm follows the user wherever the spot gun is placed.

The unit can also be supplied with an optional tool panel for easy access of tools and accessories.

A versatile control panel that has 11 operating modes, each with up to 25 programs is also included in the CR500. The control panel allows the user to set the operating modes and their programs, as well as the pneumatic air pressure.

A built-in memory function preserves personal configurations of the operator for later recall.

Future-proofing is aided by the ability to take software upgrades through the built-in RS323 port. A CAN-bus system is also present in each unit.

Current control compensates for heat loss and variations of the main supply voltage to ensure consistent current levels.

The Energy Control feature automatically compensates for heat losses by keeping a fixed energy level, according to the thicknesses and quality of the sheets to be welded.

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