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Portable plasma cuts the mustard

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Conventional cutting equipment do not cut the mustard when it comes to harder metal plates like today’s high-strength steels.

Providing consistent, clean, fast cuts, the Car-O-Liner PC30 Plasma Cutter is the ideal cutting tool for use on aluminium, mild, stainless and high-strength steel (e.g., boron).

Equipped with inverter technology for greater cutting control, the PC30 works off single phase mains power.

The unit is highly portable and only weighs 9 kg.

The PC30 uses the extremely high temperatures of an electrically conductive, ionised gas (compressed air) to melt metal.

After cutting, the plasma jet’s gas stream blows the particles away, cutting a kerf along the torch’s path.

The PC30 works extremely well in many applications including fabrication and installation (e.g., HVAC), auto and truck service/repair, maintenance in production plants, farm applications and so on.

Exhibiting excellent cut quality (ie, kerf width, squareness, smoothness and dross), the PC30 will do sheet metal to a thickness of 4 mm (cutting) and 5 mm (separation).

The PC30 is supplied as a complete system, with power source, air compressor, power cable, EL-60 torch and earth cable.

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