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Elektron Multimig 300 compact welder from Car-O-Liner Australia

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Highly versatile and easy to use, Elektron Multimig 300 is now available from Car-O-Liner Australia , exclusive Australian distributor for Elektron-Bremen of Germany.

Elektron Multimig 300 is a robust yet compact welder.

Elektron Multimig 300 is easy to use: the operator only has to make four entries on the front panel. These are material, welding wire diameter, gas and workpiece thickness. And that is it, the Mulitmig 300 does the rest automatically.

Elektron Multimig 300 allows the user to perform traditional MIG/MAG welding on standard and stainless steel, as well as perform MIG brazing and aluminium welding.

This versatility allows the user to be able to weld today’s high strength steels found in many late model vehicles.

Using the ergonomically-designed ML 1500 PowerMaster welding torch, the operator can easily perform MIG brazing, after changing to the required wire. The torch easily handles the changes in welding temperature and welding speed.

The operator is able to perform consistent quality welds, with great control, because of the precisely stepped power stages. Weld quality is also assured by the unit’s active-induction system, allowing ignition without spatter.

Elektron Multimig 300 provides a stable arc, even at the low settings, which are required for MIG brazing. Elektron Multimig 300’s Digastep Electronics features 41 precisely stepped, electronically selectable power stages.

Another important feature of Elektron Multimig 300 is Tiptronic, which allows the operator to store and quickly retrieve one of 100 programmable presets of vehicle manufacturers’ parameters.

Elektron Multimig 300 easily welds steel thicknesses of 0.8 - 10 mm and 2 - 6 mm for aluminium. Elektron Multimig 300 comes complete with PowerMaster welding torch, with 4 m of lead, ground cable, gas regulator, wire spool adaptor and fitted gas hose.

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