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Car-O-Tronic Vision measuring system available from Car-O-Liner

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The powerful and comprehensive measuring system, Car-O-Tronic vision, from Car-O-Liner , now includes the new X3 version of Car-O-Soft vision software. The system is user-friendly and easy to use.

The system incorporates vehicle database, with over 10,000 models. Featuring an advanced VIN decoding system, Car-O-Tronic Vision easily finds the right data for each vehicle from the database.

The system has a sensor-equipped measuring slide, with built-in remote control and protective rubber bumper zones, to protect the sensors.

The measuring system delivers real-time data three times a second to the software. Car-O-Tronic Vision is photo-based and allows the user to accurately and quickly target measuring points.

The measuring slide mounts and moves on the measuring bridge, with microscopic markings on its rails, to enable the measuring head, which is located beneath the slide, to determine its horizontal position.

The system works in three easy steps: register the work order and enter the car make and model; conduct the measurement with the help of the unique Automatic Search Point (ASP) function; print out the results. It could not be any easier.

ASP allows the system to always select the right measuring point. Automatic centring and measuring capabilities, with user-friendly menus and access to the unique Infocenter, means there is less chance of operator error.

Infocenter is easily updated and backed-up with new vehicle data, news, support and even interactive training all accessed via the internet.

As well, the user is able to document the entire repair process in text and pictures. This documentation can then be easily e-mailed to insurance companies, directly from within the system.

Car-O-Liner offers adapter kits, to make the system fully compatible with almost any competitive alignment bench.

The user has access to the Car-O-Soft Vision software, using the intelligent remote control keyboard, which is in the measuring slide.

After the vehicle specs are entered, the user receives all the necessary information to effect repair, including where to put the clamps, extra equipment that may be required and so on.

Remote control makes it even easier:

Communication between the measuring slide and Car-O-Tronic Vision software is done wirelessly. Sensors in each joint of the slide with built-in remote control allowing the user manage the entire measuring process without having to be at the computer.

One button allows the user to enter the commands for automatic measurement with another select button to browse through monitor menus.

The unique Infocenter guides the entire measuring process from initial diagnosis to final verification, using interactive training. Useful and related websites are accessible through the links feature.

Finally, online support is available through the Infocenter, with local service and support provided nationally by Car-O-Liner Australia.

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