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Car-O-Liner’s master/slave concept saves money while streamlining operations

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article image Car-O-Liner’s Master/Slave Concept

Spending money on capital equipment always involves careful thinking and number crunching.

Automatically, one considers equipment as full units. Here is a concept that reverses that thinking.

According to Julie Thomas from Car-O-Liner Australia, “any panel shop operator can save on capital investment, while streamlining their body shop, using multiple speed systems. How? By taking advantage of our master/slave concept.”

The master/slave concept allows the user to install various Speed benches, with a complete or several complete units, (with draw aligner and accessories) and complement these with other basic Speed platforms, as required.

Ideally, she adds, “every third Speed can be the master, with the other platforms acting as slaves to these units.”

Julie Thomas explains: “For instance, if you install six Speed units in your shop, only two of these need to be the masters. The others can be extra platforms (slaves) supporting the master units, with their draw aligners and clamping accessories.

“And, this improves the bottom line cost of purchasing and installing these platforms. Again, using the above example, we take the total cost of two masters and four slaves, divide this by six bays and your cost per bay is significantly reduced.”

For good efficiency in a smash repair shop, minor repairs should follow the following steps: diagnose, setup, repair/point-to-point measuring, parts replacement, preparation for painting, painting, reassembly, final inspection and delivery.

On the other hand, medium to heavy repairs require the following steps- diagnose/preparation, set-up, structural repair, outer panels, surface treatment, re-assembly, wheel alignment, final inspection and delivery. For greater efficiency and productivity, one really should not mix up the two processes.

Speed is highly ideal for small to medium repairs, including cosmetic repairs. With Speed, all repair and service operations can be done quickly and effectively in a single setup.

Speed is ergonomic and user friendly, with hardly any set-up time. Plus, one gets 360 degrees of accessibility around the vehicle.

With the master speed platform, all repairs and service operations can be performed quickly and effectively using a single setup.

The extra speed platforms are fully compatible with Car-O-Liner standard clamping system, lightweight and small in size, the units are highly robust (using the new high strength steels).

All Speed units are compatible with Car-O-Liner Car-O-Vision computerised measuring system for quick diagnosis and repair.

“Special pricing for these multiple equipment purchases is available, including the digital measuring system. As well, a range of accessories is available to extend work capabilities, whilst saving the need for expenditure on complete systems,” Thomas concludes.

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