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Product range at Caps and Closures

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Caps and Closures  is a well established manufacturer of caps, closures and mouldings in Australia. It has a wide range of products. The company also provides a comprehensive range of injection mouldings and also made to order dies. The designing processes, research and innovative solutions from Caps and Closures makes the product safely sealed, smartly packed and also dispensed easily.

Caps and Closures provides an extensive range of mould bases in standard and custom designs. These moulding bases can be used for various applications. They are used in many sectors like the packaging industries, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage industries, medicals, pharmaceuticals, agricultural sectors, horticultural sectors and also in the cosmetics industries.

Caps and Closures also provides the customers with industrial knowledge and also experience. The commitment of the company to research and development enhances the spectrum as well as quality of the products. The product range of Caps and Closures also includes lotion pumps. These lotion pumps are available in different sizes, models with various specifications. Caps and Closures offers perfume sprays in a range of designs. The demand for caps, closures and mouldings from Caps and Closures is increasing constantly, for its innovative designs and applications.

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