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Reliable air power with Airman portable diesel compressors

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THE Airman range of portable diesel compressors are the perfect range of compressors to feature in any rental company's range of portable air solutions. Caps Australia Pty Ltd is the local distributor of the Airman range.

Airman is the number one selling portable air compressor in Asia and one of the market leaders in Europe and America. Their range of portable diesel compressors have received positive feedback from Australian customers who are heavily involved with diesel compressors.

Airman has become well known for their high quality, reliability, value, good delivery lead time and excellent support. Made to the highest standards, they deliver reliable air power wherever it is required.

Airman’s compressors are split into three categories - Box Type, Trailer Mounted and Large Mobile. This large range of 70-1600cfm will cover most workplace demands.

The Box Type compressors range from 70-390cfm and are compact in size and light enough to be portable. They can easily be mounted on the back of a ute or service truck. Their box design is also more secure than other makes because they cannot be towed away.

The Trailer Mounted units range from 100-400cfm. The built-in trailer of the units makes it perfect for on-road towing and the unique 'gull-wing' style doors make maintenance and service work easy and convenient.

The Large Mobile compressors range from 530-1600cfm. They come with either skid, wagon wheels or simply as box units. Their large fuel tank makes it suitable for use in remote areas with long run times between refills. The range spans from 270L to a huge 700L capacity

All Airman compressors are eco-friendly, with engines that are compliant to Tier II standards and emit less exhaust gas than other compressors on the market. They are also economical - a plus in today's worrying high fuel prices. Fuel economy is maximised and component wear is minimised via a low engine idle - as low as 1,300rpm in some models.

Airman compressors offer excellent performance in a wide range of applications, from concrete spraying, well drilling, natural resource explorations and more.

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