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Ingersoll-Rand mobile app offers complete pit stop experience

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A new interactive mobile app introduced by Ingersoll-Rand is giving NASCAR race fans a taste of the pit stop experience.

Called ‘Thunder Gun Pit Crew Titans’, the mobile app challenges players to see how fast they can get their cars in and out of the pits and back on the track for racing.

Named after the Ingersoll-Rand Thunder Gun impact wrench, which is distributed in Australia by leading independent compressed air company, CAPS, the air tool is used by top NASCAR pit crews to remove and tighten tyre lug nuts. The game puts players in control of an eight-person pit crew to change tyres, operate the jack, refuel the car and clean the grill. Times are recorded to determine the fastest pit stops.

Paul Issai, Marketing Manager for CAPS Australia explains that the powerful and reliable Thunder Gun impact wrenches are a familiar sight for NASCAR race fans at races, but they may not realise the critical importance of the tool to teams on race day.

He adds that the app gives them a new platform for communicating with customers as they plan to take the Thunder Gun Pit Crew Titans game to industry events to showcase Ingersoll-Rand.

Thunder Gun Pit Crew Titans can be downloaded via links from the CAPS website, with the app also available free through the iTunes App Store and Google Play for Android.

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