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Impact Gun Torque Ratings from Caps Australia

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Caps Australia , with assistance of Ingersoll Rand, presents the Impact Gun Torque Ratings to assist workers in understanding the efficiency, limits and power of the torque in their tools.

Andrew McLean, Product Manager – Air Tools, Winch and Hoist of Caps Australia, explains their choice in Ingersoll Rand for the research and development of the Impact Gun Torque.

“Ingersoll Rand has designed and engineered our compressed air tools to get maximum torque without over-extending the tool or the user. We always advertise accurate torque because we want to be completely honest with our customers, and we don’t want to contribute to any common misunderstandings of what real torque is.”

Ingersoll Rand presents their three torque ratings for tools:

Max Reverse Torque
The max reverse torque is the maximum amount of torque that the tool is able to deliver in reverse.

“Nut-busting” Torque
The “nut-busting” torque refers to the tool’s ability to remove a bolt that has been tightened down using methods other than the tool itself.

Forward Torque Range
The forward torque range is the maximum amount of torque that the tool is able to deliver forward.

Due to many variables that can affect the torque’s performance capacity, such as bolt type and size, thread conditions, air pressure or CFM, it is difficult to compare published torque ratings across manufacturers.

McLean recommends asking manufacturers about the torque ratings before finalising tool purchases, even if the manufacturer is unable to provide an answer.  Caps Australia works in continuing their commitment in providing maximum impact in their product range of tools.

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