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Caps Australia win Factory Equipment News (FEN) Progress Award

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Caps Australia  have recently won the Factory Equipment News (FEN) Progress Award for the Ingersoll-Rand Unigy VSD compressor, and the Ingersoll-Rand Nirvana received a close finalist ranking. The FEN Awards were designed as a program to honour industry excellence and create public awareness of ‘best in class’ manufacturing.

Both compressor ranges showed the judges that they were unique, innovative and provide benefits through power savings and productivity. Their use of innovative technological advancement allowed them to stand out from the other entries.

The Unigy Air Compressor was released by Ingersoll-Rand in 2003 with a VSD motor in the 7-15HP category that integrates all major air compressor components in one package. Close controlled system pressure, automatically adjusts output to achieve the highest efficiency for operation. This avoids energy wastage that could be caused by excessive pressure band providing maximum operating flexibility. The IntelliDrive makes flexible power and pressure ranges to ensure that the system pressure is maintained, and the right air pressure and quality is provided to production equipment.

The Unigy can change pressures and flow capacity by simply unloading software through an electric key. This allows the compressor to accommodate for more air capacity in the system.

The compressor is able to increase its compressed air generating capacity. For example, a 7.5kW UNIGY can be transformed with a simple key and minor programming to upgrade the compressor to an 11kW unit with more air capacity. The Nirvana was placed as a close finalist for the award. The Nirvana variable speed drive compressor delivers compressed air in a cost effective and energy efficient way. It has fewer rotating parts with its Hybrid Permanent Magnet (HPM) Synchronous Motor technology.

The HPM directly drives the compressor and does not feature any bearings, gears, pulleys, belts, couplings or motor shaft seals. The HPM motor can stop and start for an unlimited number of times. The other standard electric motors are still limited to the duty cycles of typically 6 starts an hour. The transcendent technology runs at 95% efficiency at startup and maintains this through its entire speed range.

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