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Caps Australia unveils portable compressor

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Caps Australia has launched a new 185cfm portable compressor, which offers a unique fuel saving feature.

The first in a new line up of Airman towable compressors, the PDS185S-6C1 features an automatic purge function that saves fuel when air is not being used.

Many compressors in the construction industry are used to power tools and pumps. The compressors are running but no air is being used. When not in use the compressor still keeps the internal system fully pressurised and ready but reduces the engine speed to minimise fuel consumption. The Airman PDS185S-6C1 further improves on the idle speed fuel consumed.

During extended idle time, the Airman PDS185S-6C1's auto purge feature drops the internal pressure inside the compressor by around 60%. Testing has shown that this reduces idle speed fuel consumption by a massive 30%. While in auto purge mode a lamp flashes on the control panel. When air is required the internal system re-pressurises and delivers air to the user.

Another new environmental development of the Airman PDS185S-6C1 is the airend design which delivers a further 5% fuel saving when the compressor is loaded and in use. The compressor's overall weight has also been reduced to help improve the fuel consumption of the towing vehicle. The PDS185S-6C1 also has further reductions in noise levels.

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