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Caps Australia supplies AirSep industrial oxygen generators

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Leading independent compressed air solutions company, Caps Australia supplies and services the full range of industrial oxygen generators produced by AirSep.   According to William Chan, Gas and Special Projects Manager at CAPS, oxygen is used in a wide variety of industrial processes including smelting furnaces, mineral processing, aquaculture and water treatment.  

Chan explains that separating pure oxygen is better than just blowing air into a process. Oxygen improves the burn rate in a furnace to give cleaner operation and can also improve the yield during gold extraction. Additionally, oxygen produces a better growth rate in fish stocks resulting in improved flavour when compared with just blowing air into the tanks.      

Oxygen generators supplied by CAPS utilise the Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) process wherein a feed air supply is compressed, treated and passed through a zeolite substrate that adsorbs the nitrogen in the air, leaving oxygen at 93% nominal product purity.  

CAPS can design and assemble a complete skid-mounted oxygen plant to include the feed air supply, compressor, air treatment equipment and gas storage, all delivered as a single package to the customer.  

The AirSep range of industrial oxygen generators includes self-contained, transportable units used in a variety of applications including fish farming, glass blowing and environmental remediation. These units can supply flows between 0.34 and 0.9 standard cubic metre per hour (Sm³/hr).  

Larger, fixed-installation generators for applications such as wastewater treatment, thermic cutting, chemical processing, mining, steel processing, manufacturing and hospital oxygen supply produce between 0.56 and 155 Sm³/hr at pressures from 3.1 to 4.4 bar(g).  

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