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Caps Australia dispel common myths about compressed air

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Caps Australia have over 30 years experience in the supply of industrial products nation wide and are well suited to providing a wide range of options and solutions to their customers compressed air needs. In this article, Caps Australia discuss and dispel the many myths of compressed air.

Many myths are spread about air compressors and compressed air, most of which have no or little factual basis.

The first myth is that compressed air is free. This could not be further from the truth. As a power source compressed air is in fact several times more expensive to use than electricity. In Australia, 10-15% of all industrial electricity consumption is used in powering compressed air systems. Typically, over the life of the compressed air system, more than 80% of the total compressed air system's costs are attributed to electrical costs.

A second myth is that when it comes to compressed air, more pressure is better. In fact, raising the pressure system-wide will require more power online. Pressure problems are best solved at the point of use where they exist, not with more power in the compressor room.

Another common myth about air compressors is that routine servicing is not required. The longer an air compressor is left between service intervals, the more likely it is to break down. A dirty oil removal filter can increase energy use by 2% and a clogged air/oil separator up to 5%.

A fourth myth is that cheap air compressors are a bargain. This is also far from the truth. Whilst thousands may be saved off the purchase cost, cheap air compressors often do not have a premium efficiency motor or readily available spare parts. These things add up to costs further down the track when it comes to high energy use and repairs.

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