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CAPS releases new extended life rotary compressor lubricant

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Caps Australia introduces the Ultra EL rotary compressor lubricant developed by Ingersoll Rand to enhance operational efficiency and reduce maintenance requirements in compressed air systems.

Ultra EL (extended life) rotary compressor lubricant is a next generation synthetic lubricant formulated to perform up to 16,000 hours, twice as long as any other synthetic rotary lubricant, maximising uptime and reducing lifecycle costs in various industrial processes.

Ultra EL rotary compressor lubricant incorporates the latest performance-enhancing technologies to allow air compressors to run cooler and more efficiently even in high ambient temperature environments.

Ultra EL’s revolutionary composition protects critical components, significantly reducing wear and increasing component longevity while enhancing overall compressor performance.

Ultra EL is best suited to high-demand, multi-shift applications. When used in demanding environments, Ultra EL halves change-out frequency, minimising downtime and reducing maintenance requirements, disposal costs and environmental impact. Unlike conventional or generic lubricants, Ultra EL will not leave deposits that can clog compressors or break down into harmful acids or alcohols.

Superior water separation ensures continued lubricant performance, protecting the compressor. In addition to saving time and money, Ultra EL is a safer option as it has a higher flashpoint (272°C) than most synthetic lubricants.

According to Jan Van Der Laan, General Manager of Operations, CAPS Australia, Ultra EL is specifically engineered to deliver extremely long life with exceptional protection for rotary air compressors.

Fully compatible with Ingersoll Rand Ultra Coolant, Ultra EL can be used in all brands of rotary screw compressors, making it easy and cost-effective for compressor owners to upgrade their lubricant and improve the performance of their existing air systems.

CAPS supplies Ultra EL high-performance lubricant in 1-litre, 5-litre and 15-litre capacities to meet various application needs.

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