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CAPS releases Ingersoll Rand's smaller, energy efficient centrifugal compressor

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article image The new Ingersoll Rand Centac 800 centrifugal compressor from CAPS Australia
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Caps Australia introduces a new range of centrifugal compressors from Ingersoll Rand, a global leader in air compressors and tools.

The new Centac C800, exclusively available in Australia from CAPS, responds to industry needs for a smaller, more energy efficient centrifugal air compressor. Built on Ingersoll Rand’s latest generation technology, an integrated and simplified centrifugal compressor platform, Centac C800 centrifugal compressors are part of the popular Centac C1000 product line.

Centac C800 centrifugal compressors are certified as ISO 8573-1 Class 0, providing 100 per cent clean, oil-free air, and designed to minimise downtime and lower the total cost of ownership.

The highly energy efficient Centac C800 reduces energy use by up to 6 per cent at full load, significantly lowering overall ownership costs, while the unit’s backward-leaning impellers are designed with leading edge software and computational fluid dynamics to maximise peak efficiency and provide greater turndown.

Inlet guide vanes (IGVs) are standard on the new C800 delivering up to 10 per cent additional energy savings at partial load. Reductions in energy use with the C800 can lead to substantial savings.

Loss of production time caused by unscheduled downtime, the single largest contributor to lifetime cost for centrifugal compressors, is not an issue with the Centac C800, which is designed to ensure 100% uptime.

Paolo Lazzari, International Business Development Manager for CAPS Australia explains that Ingersoll Rand has manufactured the C800 with fewer parts, integrated components and easily accessible critical components to increase the compressor’s reliability and efficiency.

Preventative service and maintenance tasks have become easier in the C800 air compressors, with a one-piece removable inducer, in-place rodable coolers, bull gear inspection ports, and open cooler casing, which offer increased access to critical components. The fully configured C800 compressor package also provides for efficient installation with no special foundation or grouting required. Installation time and cost is further reduced with single inlet and outlet connections for cooling water.

The web-enabled Xe-Series controller enhances productivity and enables plant and operations managers to remotely access and adjust the system. Real-time monitoring and trending of critical components make it easy to predict maintenance needs and correct operating parameters from web-enabled smartphones, tablets and personal computers.

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