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CAPS launches promotions to revitalise Centac compressors

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Caps Australia has launched special promotions that will dramatically improve the performance, reliability and efficiency of Ingersoll Rand Centac compressors.

Available for a limited time only, the special offers allow customers to save significantly on their purchases. 

Customers combining a compressor overhaul with a new controller upgrade can save up to $10,000, while combining an overhaul with a refill of Ingersoll Rand Techtrol Gold lubricant gives an additional 2-year warranty on several key components at no cost.

Signs that indicate the Ingersoll Rand Centac compressor needs an overhaul include machine performance affected by contamination in the rotating assemblies and coolers over time; wear and tear on all other moving parts putting a toll on machine efficiency and reliability; and more frequent machine surges, with higher vibration levels and rising temperatures.

Customers will not only benefit from the performance improvement gained from revitalising the centrifugal compressor mechanically, but also from a brand new state-of-the-art on-board controller.

XE Series Controller Promotion

The new Ingersoll Rand XE Series controller comes with advanced features to improve productivity, such as energy smart set-point (ESS), which improves the Centac’s energy efficiency, and surge line modelling for enhanced reliability.

For a short time only, bundling the compressor overhaul with a new controller can save customers up to $10,000.

Techtrol Gold PLUS² Program 

To run from September to December 31 2013, the program enables customers to get two years’ warranty on bullgear, rotors, bearings and seals at no extra cost by simply asking for the machine’s lubricant to be refilled with Ingersoll Rand’s Techtrol Gold engineered synthetic lubricant following a compressor overhaul.

Changing out lubricants can have a major impact on compressed air system performance. Ingersoll Rand’s Techtrol Gold is an engineered synthetic lubricant specifically designed to help Centac centrifugal compressors maintain peak performance over a full range of operating temperatures, maximising cost savings and reliability.

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