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CAPS Division Representative Provides Insight on Compressed Air Audits at Ai Group Forum

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article image Energy Efficiency Services’ Quentin St.Baker speaking at the Ai Group Environmental Solutions Forum in Melbourne
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Quentin St.Baker of Energy Efficiency Services, a newly formed division of Caps Australia participated in a recent Australian Industry Group (Ai Group) Environmental Solutions Forum in Melbourne.  

St.Baker demonstrated how compressed air audits can benefit companies to get the most out of their technology as well as reduce energy consumption and costs.  

Given that compressed air is an important and major part of most manufacturing and industrial processes, St.Baker’s insights on maximising compressed air system efficiencies were helpful for forum participants.  

St.Baker explained that embracing the benefits of new energy-efficient technologies will provide opportunities for compressed air users to improve their bottom-line and the environment.  

It is estimated that air compressors in Australia consume 10-15% of all electricity used by industry.  

Systems operating with old technology or ineffective controls, wastage of large volumes of air through leaks, inappropriate usage and other artificial demands are factors responsible for inefficient energy consumption.  

Investing wisely in new equipment and leveraging existing systems will allow companies to begin saving energy more effectively.  

New control technologies allow compressors to match demand more accurately to significantly reduce energy consumption and improve payback periods.  

St.Baker’s presentation was well received by the audience comprising of manufacturers from a range of industry sectors. Using several examples, St.Baker demonstrated how careful matching of the compressor to the application can realise huge savings.  

In his concluding remarks, St.Baker explained that air audits offered a detailed breakdown of compressed air demands for different processes in a facility over a period of time, and quantified variations in demand and peak air requirements for a system.  

Analysing the collected data would give companies an overview of energy and lifecycle costs allowing them to determine energy savings available from more energy-efficient alternative compressed air solutions.  

The Ai Group’s Environmental Solutions Forums aim to provide companies with practical solutions in the areas of energy, water and waste.  

In addition to providing networking opportunities, the Forums bring together companies that face environmental challenges with those that provide products, research and guidance to help businesses meet these challenges.

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