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Allmand Maxi Lite 8V telescopic light towers available from Caps Australia

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article image Allmand Maxi-Lite 8V has a telescoping light tower with four Super High Output 1250W metal halide lamps on an adjustable head
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Caps Australia  presents the Allmand Maxi Lite 8V, a new and innovative range of mobile illumination units powered by a fuel efficient diesel engine for use in the equipment rental and civil construction industries.  

Built tough to withstand a range of arduous operating environments, the powerful Allmand Maxi Lite 8V telescopic light towers offer safe working illumination for a tennis court-size area with a combined light output of more than 600,000 Lumens.  

The new trailer-based light towers complement a whole range of portable equipment available from CAPS and are ideal for companies requiring temporary lighting systems for a variety of open-air applications such as events, civil construction and open-cut mining.  

Richard Sweet, Marketing Manager - Portable Products with CAPS Australia, a leading Australian-owned independent generator and compressed air equipment supplier explains that one can get a quality manufactured product for minimal capital expenditure with the Maxi-Lite 8V featuring a telescoping light tower and four Super High Output 1250-watt metal halide lamps on an adjustable head, providing a best-in-class solution to effectively and efficiently illuminate most work sites.  

Key features of Allmand Maxi Lite 8V telescopic light towers:  

  • 6-section hydraulically actuated automatic lift mechanism elevates the lamp head to almost 8m above the ground
  • Intuitive adjustment of lamp head allows accurate positioning of the lights before extending the tower
  • Tower can be raised to its full height in 25 seconds
  • Incorporates nylon guide sleeves for smooth operation and to help stabilise the tower when extended, enabling the unit to withstand wind gusts of up to 100 kph
  • Integrated cable drum allows safe and neat extension and retraction of power cable
  • US-made units incorporate switches and circuit breakers complying with Australian regulations and standards
  • Heavy duty A-frame drawbar and 15” wheels on a single axle with leaf-spring suspension
  • Hydraulic over-ride brakes and hand operated parking brake
  • Design allows towing on unsurfaced roads of mines or construction sites
  • Heavy gauge sheet metal canopy withstands harsh operating conditions
  • Built-in environmental containment facilities for the fuel tank and engine in the event of any machine liquid spillage
  • OME paint finish is a high-quality polyurethane paint
  • Powered by a Caterpillar Model C1-1 diesel motor driving a 7.5 kW generator
  • Fuel-efficient engine can run for up to 100 hours, enough to power almost a full week’s worth of shifts
  • Insulated housing with the unit silenced to 64 dB
Allmand is a pioneer in the manufacture of portable lighting towers that are designed to enhance operational performance and safety around domestic, industrial and mining applications.

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