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Wide range of submersible motors available from Caprari Pumps Australia

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With the introduction of a new range of oil filled 6” submersible borehole pump motors, Caprari Pumps Australia now offers a wide range of submersible motors to the Australian groundwater markets.

Already a leading supplier of high specification submersible motors, Caprari manufacture from 4” fractional HP motors through to 14” 370 kW motors in either 2 pole or 4 pole speeds.

Variants are available manufactured from cast iron, bronze or AISI 316 stainless steel.

Special double lattice polyethylene + polyamide (Pe2+Pa) insulated windings are available across the entire range to suit demanding applications such as hot groundwater or installations that require frequent start cycles or are operated by variable frequency speed control.

Production flexibility to manufacture special motors to individual customer requirements has seen Caprari develop as one of the leading suppliers to the European market, with a reputation for highly engineered, reliable, fully repairable and rewindable submersible motors.

Caprari have now brought this reliability and reputation for long service life to the more competitive end of the market with the introduction of the MCO series 6” oil filled motors in sizes from 3.7 to 37 kW.

This range is filled with a non toxic dielectric oil to lubricate the internal bearings and dissipate heat generated within the windings.

The oil is sealed from the external environment using both a mechanical seal as well as a double lip rubber seal.

All motors are manufactured to the NEMA dimensional standard which allows them to fit directly to almost any brand of submersible borehole pump.

Furthermore the MCO motor is on average greater than 2% more efficient than other motors currently on the Australian market, resulting in reduced operating costs.

In line with all other Caprari manufactured motors, the MCO series is fully repairable and should failure occur, the stators can be rewound for a fraction of the cost of a new stator demanded by other manufacturers.

The standard variant, with Nickel plated cast iron ends and a 304 stainless steel stator sleeve will introduce a new price point to the Australian submersible motor market.

Caprari reliability is now even more competitive. For applications in aggressive waters, variants are also available in AISI 304 and AISI 316 grades of stainless steel.

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