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Capital Safety introduces Ultra-Lok RSQ self retracting lifelines with rescue

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article image Ultra-Lok RSQ self retracting lifeline with rescue

DBI-SALA, a Capital Safety brand that is dedicated solely to the fall protection market, has announced the launch of their new Ultra-Lok RSQ self retracting lifelines (SRL) with rescue.

In one easy to use product for superior fall protection, Ultra-Lok RSQ self retracting lifelines provide the user with the traditional fall arrest mode as well as the rescue/descent mode. If a fall occurs while in the rescue/descent mode the Ultra-Lok RSQ will stop the fall and then automatically lower the worker safely to the ground or next level.

The two-in-one operation of the self retracting lifelines enables the device to be optimised for the work site while providing high levels of worker safety.

Ian Heslop, Sales Director for Capital Safety, Australia and New Zealand explained, “The Ultra-Lok RSQ offers a revolutionary design to allow the worker multiple options within one device, while offering the highest level of security and mobility. The user simply sets the Ultra-Lok RSQ to fall arrest or rescue/descent mode prior to starting work.”

If a fall were to occur while the device is in the fall arrest mode, a speed-sensing brake will automatically stop the fall and reduce the forces exerted on the user to safe levels of 6kN or less. The fall arrest mode also allows for assisted rescue to take place by means of a First-Man-Up Pole and Assisted Rescue Tool. This mode is ideal for offering fall protection in situations where the user is working over dangerous objects, such as traffic or moving machinery, or when the next level below the work area is more than 15 metres away.

If a fall occurs while the self retracting lifeline is in rescue/descent mode, the speed-sensing brake will stop the free fall and a centrifugal brake will lower the user to the next level or the ground at a controlled speed. This mode is ideal for reducing periods of worker suspension normally encountered during rescue, or where a rescue would be difficult, and the next level below the work site is within 15 metres and provides a safe landing area.

Self retracting lifelines can also be used for situations in which the user is working alone or remotely, though this is not recommended practice.

Ultra-Lok RSQ self retracting lifelines incorporate a 15 metre lifeline, offering the worker exceptional mobility.

The compact, lightweight design of Ultra-Lok RSQ self retracting lifelines, combined with a built-in carrying handle makes the lifelines easy to carry, store and relocate. The anti-ratcheting brake system prevents the device from releasing in a post-fall rebound while connected to a flexible mount such as a horizontal lifeline. It also prevents nuisance locking, where the device activates during normal movement.

DBI-SALA’s i-Safe intelligent safety system using RFID technology is built into Ultra-Lok RSQ self retracting lifelines to fast track inspections, control inventory and manage information.

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