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Capital Safety Australia introduces the Rollgliss R500 rescue and escape device

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DBI-SALA, a Capital Safety brand solely dedicated to the fall protection market, has announced the launch of their new Rollgliss R500 Rescue and Escape Device.

The system offers controlled descent, self-rescue, emergency evacuation and assisted rescue with lifting capabilities. The state-of-the-art, fully automatic device excels in fast and safe rescue, and is highly versatile and durable. To ensure quick and safe rescue, the Rollgliss R500 features controlled descent speeds of 0.6 – 0.9m per second. The device’s unique bidirectional design allows one end of the lifeline to descend while the other ascends to prepare for another rescue. The compact and lightweight device can be positioned and installed quickly, and easy operation enables efficient and effective rescue.

“Every second counts in an emergency situation, the beauty of this tool is its simplicity” says Claire Wright, Height Safety Trainer for Capital Safety, Australia and New Zealand. “The Rollgliss R500 helps provide a simple rescue or rapid evacuation in multiple work environments with its versatile design, superior performance and top-of-the-line technology.”

The Rollgliss R500 provides emergency rescue and evacuation from a wide range of elevated work areas in a fall protection environment. The versatile system is ideal for self rescue, multiple evacuations and assisted rescue during wind turbine, utility pole and tower construction and maintenance; and for industries such as offshore and land-based oil drilling, fire and emergency rescue, government and military operations and commercial construction. The optional lifting wheel helps facilitate safe assisted rescue from a distance.

For maximum durability and performance, the Rollgliss R500 is designed with high-quality and corrosion resistant materials, as well as 9.5mm super static kernmantle rope available in 10 metre increments. The rope is configured with connecting hardware at each end of the lifeline for bidirectional rescue. The system can be used at heights of up to 300 metres for a single user weighing 140kg or less, or 100 metres for two users totalling 248kg or less. The system is available as a stand-alone descender unit, or in a convenient kit form.

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