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Capital Safety Australia Introduces PenoGuard Fall Protection System

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Capital Safety  introduces a new line of fall protection systems as part of their DBI-SALA brand range that is solely dedicated to the fall protection market.  

The new PenoGuard fall protection system increases workplace safety and is designed for penetrations and openings in construction, civil and confined space applications.  

The PenoGuard fall protection system is a new and revolutionary safety device that dramatically increases the safety of workers around penetrations and offers an effective solution for falls prevention around unprotected openings.  

In the closed position the mesh gates securely cover the hole and visually alert any bystanders or workers to the presence of a penetration. In the open position, the PenoGuard is a four-sided guard rail providing safe access to workers whilst minimising any fall hazards to nearby personnel.    

Rick Millar, Technical Manager for Capital Safety, Australia and New Zealand comments that several workers and innocent bystanders have been either severely or fatally injured by falling through unguarded or poorly guarded penetrations.  

The PenoGuard fall protection system is designed to replace unsafe practices such as throwing an unsecured sheet of plywood, pallet or makeshift cover over a hole to prevent accidental falls.  

Key features of PenoGuard fall protection system: 

  • Highly engineered 2-in-1 fall protection safety device that prevents falls around penetrations in a variety of industrial applications
  • Reusable and built to last
  • Constructed from high quality steel to ensure high load capacity and durability
  • Simple to install, use and transport from job to job
  • Can be locked when closed with a padlock to prevent unauthorised access for guaranteed safety and peace of mind

Capital Safety is a world-leading designer and manufacturer of height safety, confined space and industrial rescue equipment with 17 operating sites worldwide.

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