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article image Users can import solid CAD data defining the raw material or the finished part from a number of CAD systems.

CAMTEK Pacific has released PEPS CAD/CAM V5.3.6 at Austech 2005 in Melbourne, Victoria. PEPS Tube Design & Cut CAD/CAM software makes designing and cutting various types of tubes easy and affordable. The system allows the user to design tube sections parametrically from a library of standard shapes or design the cut as a free arbitrary shape. The tube is displayed as a rendered solid image into which apertures and profiles are cut.

Workspace Manager simplifies tube design and cut and enables simple graphical picking to modify design and cut and change them at any stage of the program. The application runs using Graphics User Interface, comprising a graphics window for displaying the tube material used in design, apertures to be cut, cutting head and the surrounding machine. The workspace manager displays the tube section, the cutting profiles and the machining cycles to cut them. Tube Cut learns the way the user designs and cut, saving frequently used sections or shapes for later retrieval from a pick list.

Nesting multiple parts on a single pipe or section allows a number of parts to be produced from a common tube section or to nest parts using the PEPS nesting option. This allows the user to create individual cut programs for each part and simulate and check the cut path. Parts of suitable section are then selected and the quantity required specified. New parts and quantities are added until PEPS reports that the material length specified is cut in full. As each part is selected PEPS automatically checks the section of the material and reports if it is a suitable part for the nest.

A library of standard tube sections contains parametric tube shapes that define the tube material to be cut. If a suitable section does not exist the free form option is used to design and cut the arbitrary shape section.

Arbitrary shape tubes can be created from one of PEPS parametric shapes stored in the library. If non-of these standard shapes are suitable for design the user can draw the section by the centre line profile or outside/inside shape. The shapes can be projected or wrapped on a tube.

The library of standard shapes provides parametric design and cut of many frequently-used hole shapes. For holes not covered by the library the free form option allows the user to design the shape. Holes in the tube are created by generating a 'solid' of the shape which is then cut from the tube. The solid cut can pass through all walls or one wall and can cut through the edge of the section, creating a gap. For holes passing through the tube section at a single or compound angle, positioning can be defined at the mid point of the section or at a position on the top face. For hole shapes that repeat along the tube in a standard pattern pitch circle, line at angle, arc, square and grid patterns are supported.

Users can import solid CAD data defining the raw material or the finished part from a number of CAD systems. Machining is added by selecting an edge or aperture loop, the cutting technology that has been defined and saved is automatically added. PEPS Penta Cut and Tube Cut design and cut CAD/CAM software delivers ease of use for two to six-axis laser 3D profiling and tube cutting machine tools.

PEPS Laser Cut offers solid simulation and full collision checking with automatic or interactive correction. It can be used for NC programming of surface or solid-based design geometry. The system identifies and generates canned-cycle codes for standard shapes available on NC control. The Tube Cut module supports design and cut of diagonal apertures in tubes on three-axis machines by cutting the 'largest extent' combination of the inner and outer aperture profiles.

PEPS 2D Fabrication module provides an efficient design, nesting and cut for a wide range of turret punch presses, laser/plasma/flame/water jet cutters and composite machines.

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