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Productivity of NC milling rises with NC/CNC programming CAD/CAM

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article image All operations are sequenced and grouped automatically by Mill Expert.

CAMTEK Pacific has released a PEPS NC/CNC Programming CAD/CAM system capable of automatic multiside and multipart programming.

PEPS Mill Expert eliminates the need for programming NC/CNC Milling Machining Centers. NC machine is instructed to produce a part without a single line of the part program being written by the user.

To produce a part all that is required is to describe features (pockets, holes, slots etc) that constitute the part and to identify their location. Using this information and the company's ‘know-how’ and Tool/Cut Database, the system resolves all machining operations involved, sorts them out in the optimum sequence and generates, in seconds, a comprehensive part program for the part as a whole ready to go for unmanned NC machining.

Multipart Mill Expert allows loading of pre-programmed parts on a multisided pallet or on a table and to merge all operations of all parts into one NC program to machine all parts as a whole.

All operations are sequenced and grouped automatically by Mill Expert to provide machining accordingly to the machining stage, for example, roughing, semifinish, finish, and trimming.

If a tool change optimisation is activated, all operations to be performed at the same stage by the same tool are grouped together.

Parts can be machined from different sides and any parts can be placed on any pallet side.

The layout of parts can be easily modified, parts can be replaced, added or removed as required.

All machining is done using the same subroutines for all instances of the same feature.

The system is employed by D.J.Batchen Pty Ltd to achieve non-stop machining on its new two pallet horizontal machining centre, Kitamura HX400. CNC Engineering Sales and Service provided an integral solution by supplying the machine tool, tooling and fixtures.

"CAD/CAM vendors have been asked by manufacturing companies for a long time to provide efficient NC programming of the layout of various parts on a pallet or on a table,” said Camtek Pacific managing director, Mark Goldfeld. “We are proud that we, an Australian company, are the first to make it possible".

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