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article image From Solid Model direct to cutting.

PEPS Version 5.3 will be released by Camtek Pacific at Austech 2004.The new release includes SolidCut Mill/Turn, SolidCut Wire and SolidCut Laser.

PEPS, developed by Camtek UK and covering all NC machining applications, has been in action since 1983 and now covers more than 20,000 NC machining sites.

The latest release provides full support for Solid Model design of all leading CAD systems and vastly increased functionality of the new generation multifunctional NC machine tools.

New and improved machining strategies are provided for 3D machining. Milling for 2.5D and 3D machining is integrated or used as separate modules. Standard and professional levels are available to suit differing customer needs.

Simplified use of geometry for machining can now be used with faces, edges, sheet bodies and loops used directly from the solid model. Line/arc and wire body geometry can be selected and used for machining direct.

New functionality has been added to simplify machining of solid faces at differing Z levels. They can be joined, hidden or shown by just a right mouse click. Compound figures can be selected for machining if required.

The display of the current origin has been made clearer by displaying a translucent, rendered plane. To simplify the selection of geometry, a pixel thickness and colour are used to display highlighted wireframe items. Solid faces, bodies, etc., can be highlighted in customer defined colours.

High-speed pocketing is now available, eliminating sharp corners in the toolpath thus removing the need for tools to slow at sudden changes of direction. Radial loops have been added to moves between pocketing passes when a minimum corner radius has been set.

A new Rest Pocketing option has been implemented, which removes material from the regions uncut by the previous tool, suppressing 'fresh air cutting moves'.

The new generation of multifunctional machining centres combining milling and turning capability are supported by Multiaxis Mill/Turn module. Multi turret and multi spindle machines are supported.

The part is machined using intermingled milling and turning operations within one NC program. New functionality has been added for programming and simulating rotary machining. Developed geometry can be used direct from the drawing or unwrapped from a solid model.

Rotary machining operations are carried out as 2/2.5/3D milling operations with the geometry and machining associated to a specific rotary plane. The solid simulation provides rotation of the machined part or a tool.

Profiles can be generated from solid models for turning, resulting in inner and outer sections of machining profiles being generated automatically. This will temporarily remove any holes and non-revolved features from the model to assist with rough and finishing operations.

PEPS SolidCut Wire EDM is a world-class system for all Wire EDM machinery. Wire has a new Workspace manager that allows clearer and easier management of machining operations and geometry.

A new method for Feature-Finding 'Wireable features' in a solid model provides automatic search and find of features able to be cut by a Wire machine and projects the appropriate geometry onto the cutting planes. This can be carried out over the whole model or in user definable areas.

New functions allow the projection of any 3D geometry onto the cutting planes. The projected geometry can be used for a single 3D profile with a constant taper or for separate 3D profiles. The profiles can be comprised of any type of geometry.

PEPS SolidCut Laser systems deliver ease of use and high functionality for 2-6 axis simultaneous laser 3D profiling and Tube cutting equipment. Complete with full collision checking and automatic or interactive correction, PEPS Solidcut Laser can be used to program Surface or Solids-based design geometry.

SolidCut Laser can now be made to identify and generate canned-cycle code for standard shapes that are found on a job, and that are available on the machine control.

The TubeCut module now supports machining of 'diagonal' apertures in tubes on 3-axis machines, by cutting the 'largest extent' combination of the inner and outer aperture profiles.

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