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Camtek Pacific to demonstrate PEPS Expert at Austech

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Camtek Pacific will demonstrate at Austech 2007 PEPS Expert SolidCut Version 6 planned for the summer release by Camtek.

PEPS V6.0 is a powerful new technology engine suite that includes automated feature-finding, knowledge-based feature machining, machine kinematics, toolpath simulation and 100% proven CNC code generation.

According to Camtek, the important benefit of CAM system is the combination of as much programming automation that can possibly be achieved but coupled with a high degree of flexibility and control.

PEPS V6 provides CNC programmers the options to apply automated tasks as necessary, but also to use semi or fully interactive options for exact, precise control.

Programmers can rely on the proven and approved expertise of their company built into the PEPS Expert knowledge data base.

PEPS Expert finds machineable features of model data and applies pre-configured machining procedures to them.

Features can also be defined during SolidCut programming session. SolidCut design integrated component and fixture solid modelling has also benefited from new user-interface options providing improved and intuitive 3D geometry capabilities.

The system is used to configure the machine tool components and the kinematics relationships and constraints that exist between them, simulate motion of the machine tool and is particularly designed to support the multi-spindle, multi-axis and synchronisation needs of modern CNC machinery.

Machining operations are automatically generated and sequenced into the machining procedure for a part or a layout of parts as a whole accordingly to the required tool change or side change optimisation. All operations can be individually resequenced and edited by the programmer if necessary.

PEPS Expert is covering a wide range of manufacturing applications.

Milling and turning, pentacut and tube laser cutting, wire cutting and routing are supporting advanced technological capabilities of modern machine tools and machining centers.

According to Custom Fluidpower, PEPS has been an important ingredient in gaining efficiency within its manufacturing facility.

Custom Fluidpower’s main objective with PEPS was that it can guarantee quality and consistency of its products. In conjunction with its customised design software, PEPS has been the nucleus for its success in reaching its objective.

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