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Camtek Pacific launches SealTurn Expert

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Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) became indispensable tools in manufacturing environment. But as companies learn from their own experience to receive the real benefit of NC/CNC technology the computer software has to provide efficient and reliable NC/CNC programming. To make NC/CNC programming easy it has to be customised and the company’s ‘know-how’ has to be known and used by CAD/CAM NC/CNC Programming System.

The Melbourne company Camtek Pacific released SealTurn Expert, the comprehensive auto programming system which allows cutting of standard and special seals direct from the seal order by proceeding through Step-By-Step computer predefined procedure. SealTurn Expert allows to decrease to minutes time from receiving the order to the manufacturing the seal.

Step 1:

Selection of the seal group. Available groups include backup rings, bearing protection, gland seals, guide rings, high pressure rotary seals, piston seals, pneumatic seals, special seals and wipers. Accordingly to the seal order the operator has to click the correspondent group to open the next dialog box with the group content.

Step 2:

Selection of the seal type from the correspondent group. The groups include number of various seal types covering requirements of various industry fields and applications. The types are normalised and are parametrically defined in seal catalogues. For example, piston seal group includes 45 seal types, covering individual seals and seal packs. All together the package covers 150 plus seal types.

Step 3:

All seals are predefined with three main conventional parameters: outside diameter, inside diameter and width. These parameters are input by the operator direct from the order,
Depending on a type of the seal further parameters are calculated per inbuilt formulas and rules.

Step 4:

The seal is designed automatically and a drawing is displayed including all seal parametric and constant dimensions. The parameter dialogue box allows the user to adjust any parameter and billet sizes if required. The seal design and display are instantly updated.

Step 5:

When the seal design is accepted by the operator SealTurn Expert automatically generates a machining procedure. Machining methods are standardised and structured. Each seal type has predefined machining method which resolves all necessary machining operations, tools and cutting feeds and speeds. The operator can review the solid simulation of the machining and modify the manufacturing procedure if required.

As soon as the manufacturing procedure is approved it is post processed and a set up sheet and an NC program are generated.

The package includes DNC module which provides the transfer of the program from SealTurn workstation to the machine tool control.

If NC control is running MS Windows operational system SealTurn can be installed into NC control as a part of Computer Integrated Manufacturing System.

Typically it takes 2-3 minutes for a standard seal from the first mouse click upto having the first seal being cut.

SealTurn Expert has been installed in the number of seal manufacturing companies in Australia, Austria, New Zealand, Spain, UK and USA.

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