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CAD/CAM NC/CNC programming system

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article image CAD design of 3D shapes on solid models and tubes of any shape.

CAMTEK Pacific has released the PEPS V5.3 CAD/CAM NC/CNC programming system. Five-axis laser PentaCut and TubeCut CAD/CAM provide CAD design of 3D shapes on solid models and tubes of any shape. NC/CNC programming provides automatic aperture recognition and tool path generation. The user can control the CAM-generated machining sequence by dragging and dropping selected cutting operations.

WireCut provides automatic recognition of applicable cut-outs on a solid model. CAM Projection Wizard automatically projects 3D boundaries on a ruled surface to be wirecut on the upper and lower horizontal planes for generation of a four-axis wire tool path. MillTurn CAD/CAM supports multifunctional CNC machines of in Australia with simultaneous NC CAD/CAM programming and Mazak and DMG’s simulation of synchronised cutting heads and tools.

The increasing flexibility of CAM NC/CNC Programming software will be demonstrated by standalone packages providing the NC/CNC user with special and affordable CAD/CAM NC programming tools. The POP "photo-to-punch" CAD/CAM software allows users to generate DXF files directly from any picture source, automatically resolving required punch sizes and positions. The user can adjust them if required.

The PLUS2D CAD/CAM NC Programming Nesting package provides automatic part layouts on available sheets direct from the text run plan or manual input. Nesting results are output as DXFCAD layouts or text data with detailed reports.

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