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Prototype inspection software upgrade

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DELCAM has introduced a new version of its PowerINSPECT software for inspecting prototypes, tooling and sample parts against CAD data.

Available from Camplex , the new release, PowerINSPECT 3, features fast handling of large point cloud data sets, new constraint-based alignment options and DMIS export of inspection routines.

A wide range of inspection devices, including static CMMs, portable inspection arms and optical systems can be used with the software.

PowerINSPECT’s speed in handling large data sets will benefit companies using lasers and other optical devices for detailed inspection of large components.

The software is now capable of receiving and analysing up to 3,000 points per second in real time from either a scanning probe or a laser probe.

Special methods are available in the software for easy analysis of a large volume of data. A filter can be applied to the points so that only those out of tolerance are displayed on the screen or included in the report.

PowerINSPECT can be used to produce an instant colour map of the component’s accuracy using coloured dots to indicate whether the point is in, above or below tolerance.

PowerINSPECT’s unique file format allows all inspection information to be combined with the original CAD data, sequence of operations and inspection reports in a single archive. This simplifies data management and provides complete traceability for all quality control personnel.

The new RPS constraint-based alignment method allows the user to lock key points in the model to the corresponding inspection data. This type of inspection is commonly used in the automotive industry to give priority to key attachment points during the quality control process.

AutoCAD’s DXF and DWG formats can now be used with PowerINSPECT. All mainstream CAD systems are also compatible, including CATIA, SDRC, Unigraphics and Pro/Engineer, as well as standard formats like IGES, Parasolid, STEP and STL files.

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