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Noonan Race Engineering Employs PowerMILL CAM Software from Camplex

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article image Noonan Race Engineering Employs PowerMILL CAM Software

Noonan Race Engineering (NRE), a supplier of engineered race products to the motorsport segment employs the PowerMILL CAM software from Camplex in their computer.  

This powerful computer drives NRE’s CNC machines, the cylinder head computerised flow bench, Spintron testing machine, engine dynos and other specialised equipment at their facility in Queensland.  

Housing cutting-edge software such as the PowerMILL CAM system, the computer enables NRE to be at the forefront of race car engineering in Australia and overseas.    

The computer allows NRE to produce highly advanced race spec engines and specialised components.  

The PowerMILL CAM software is an engineering computer program that enables NRE to produce excellent designs to be developed into products for global marketing and sales.  

According to Jamie Noonan, founding partner of NRE, thanks to the high quality of their CNC machining, their customers are constantly amazed at how the toolpaths flow and add character to the product.  

NRE employs the in-built versatility of the PowerMILL CAM software to tweak the design and add extra dimensions to their machining quickly.  

NRE is a supplier of engineered race products to a number of motorsport sectors including drag racing, circuit racing, speedway, boat racing and rallying. As with any supplier to this industry, they are continually pushing the boundaries to develop more power together with reliability.  

The company has recently received approval from the NHRA, the premier US governing body for championship drag racing in North America for competitors to use the NRE X1 aluminium Billet Hemi Top Alcohol cylinder head, based on a big-block Chrysler engine in the ‘Blown Alcohol’ classes.  

In Australia NRE has supplied engines and engineering expertise to many V8 Supercar teams with the help of PowerMILL CAM software.  

Noonan explains that the PowerMILL program allows them the ability to control the toolpath outcomes to a very high degree. The porting strategies have also enabled them to bring another key area of their products in-house, allowing them control over the end results.  

NRE employs state-of-the-art CNC 5-axis machines in addition to a wide range of equipment needed to design, manufacture and test the race products they develop, which include complete V8 engines, cylinder head/manifold manufacture and billet valve covers, engine sumps and front covers/pulleys as well as dry sump systems for a variety of engines.  

PowerMILL meets their needs in the performance industry as it gives them the ability to control the toolpath outcomes in a very customised way, creating proven performance products with world-class results.    

Andrew Collins, joint business partner and head of the machining area at NRE comments that PowerMILL CAM software enables them to work with very simple 2D toolpaths all the way through to very complex 5-axis surface machining while maintaining simple-to-use forms.  

Collins is also very impressed by the integration of PowerMILL with FeatureCAM and PowerSHAPE, providing a powerful package across Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM).  

Collins and Noonan also appreciate the considerable support provided by Camplex for PowerMILL CAM software.  

One of the key benefits for NRE from PowerMILL CAM software is the 20% improvement in overall productivity since the installation.

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