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Delcam Completes 10 Years as World's Leading CAM Specialist

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Camplex  partner Delcam has completed a decade as the world’s leading CAM specialist according to an NC Software and Related Services Market report from leading analysts, CIMdata.  

According to the report, Delcam had the highest vendor revenues of all CAM-centric companies. The company first achieved its global leadership in 2000, when it overtook Japanese developer Hitachi Zosen and has kept that position ever since.  

The CIMdata report also confirmed that Delcam has the largest development team in the industry with 165 people working on the company’s CAM software solutions.   

The company was reported to have shipped more industrial CAM software packages than any other supplier during 2009.  

"By offering Delcam’s software, Camplex can offer a full suite of CAM programs of machining software giving us an unrivalled ability to provide solutions for all programming needs,” said Fred Carlstrom, Managing Director, Camplex.   

"This benefits larger companies, which can meet all of their CAM needs from a single supplier. At the same time, smaller companies can choose exactly the system they need for their particular combination of products and machine tools, rather than having to accept a compromise solution from CAM suppliers with a more limited range of software.”

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