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Camplex DentMill Machining Five-Axis in dental laboratories

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article image DentMill Machining Five-Axis in dental laboratories

Camplex  is the Australian distributor for Delcam products, which has introduced extra five-axis machining options to its DentMILL machining system for manufacturing components for the dental industry.

This will make it easier to program the manufacture of dental bars, implant bridges and customised abutments.

Previous options for the production of copings, bridges and abutments in ceramics and titanium also have been enhanced. In particular, the ability to use multithreading technology has reduced calculation times for users with multi-processor computers.

DentMILL makes it easy for technicians, even those with minimal experience of computer-aided manufacturing to produce restorations using the latest machining technology.

As well as a broad range of dental restorations that can be produced, the use of five-axis machining helps to reduce material wastage, minimise hand-finishing operations by removing undercut regions and give more flexibility when machining difficult parts and materials such as Zirconia.

DentMILL is often used alongside Delcam’s DentCAD design software however, program is completely ‘open’ and it accepts data from any dental design system or any scanner capable of exporting data in the STL format which is widely used within the dental industry. Similarly, it can output machining toolpaths to virtually any CNC machine. Most other dental CAM programs are part of a ‘closed’ system that only work with unique data formats or specific machining equipment.

The software features a simple interface using icons that can be recognised easily by dental technicians. The process is completely automated, so no prior machining experience is required to produce high-quality components.

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