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CAM software post-processing system

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DELCAM, represented by Camplex , has introduced a new post-processing system, PM-Post, that runs automatically from within its PowerMILL CAM software to process CL data into a tape file appropriate to the selected machine tool control.

The new system will make it much easier for users to make changes to the standard range of post-processing options that might be needed after any upgrade or other modification to their machine tools.

PM-Post is based around structured tables of parameters rather than the complex text files used previously.

A pre-defined range of options is presented to the user in a clearly-organised series of templates, covering parameters such as tool loading, circle processing and any other special routines, and any multi-axis modes.

This clear presentation of the full range of options will make it much easier for users to edit the default templates as required. Furthermore, the software automatically creates a revision history showing who made the changes and when.

Similarly, it will make it much easier for Delcam's international network of sales partners to configure a post-processor for any customers with unusual or bespoke machine tools.

In most cases, they will be able to make the required alterations on the spot so allowing new customers to get up to speed with their software more quickly.

PM-Post will also simplify any trouble-shooting that might need to be done with any problematic files. The software is able to read in the file and tell the user exactly where the problem occurred, so allowing easier diagnosis and correction of the error.

More advanced programming options are available to users able to generate Visual Basic or Java scripts. Examples might include allowing a list of cutters used within the program to be placed at the start of the file or calculating the cut time with each tool.

Post-processors for all leading machine tools and control systems are included within PM-Post as part of the standard price of PowerMILL. Delcam will develop specific post-processors for bespoke equipment at an additional charge.

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