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New LW110 lightning warning system from Campbell Scientific Aust
07.09.2012 - The new LW110 lightning warning system from Campbell Scientific Aust continuously monitors the local electric field, automatically triggering visual and audible alarms.
Advanced OH&S compliant weather monitoring system features Campbell Scientific data loggers
06.09.2012 - Data loggers and sensors from Campbell Scientific Aust have been incorporated into an advanced weather monitoring and marine navigation system installed at Hay Point.
Campbell Scientific represented at OzFlux 2012
05.09.2012 - Dr David Hammond and David Boadle represented Campbell Scientific Aust at the annual OzFlux 2012 Conference held recently in Methven, New Zealand.
Campbell Scientific data loggers help ALERT stations provide flood warning and road weather data
04.09.2012 - Campbell Scientific data loggers are delivering extended capabilities at ALERT stations to help perform a variety of services.
Campbell Scientific Aust offers ZephIR 300 wind LiDAR systems for wind measurements
18.06.2012 - ZephIR 300 wind LiDAR systems, now stocked by Campbell Scientific Aust, can provide remote wind measurements across ten user-defined heights, from 10m to 200m.
109-L temperature probes from Campbell Scientific Aust suitable for a range of applications
09.05.2012 - Now available from Campbell Scientific Aust, 109-L temperature probes are designed for use with CR200 series data loggers, and can measure the temperature of air, water or soil.
Campbell Scientific Aust offers Hydrosense ll CD660 portable soil moisture sensor systems
18.04.2012 - The Hydrosense II CD660 portable soil moisture sensor system has been designed by Campbell Scientific Aust to upgrade and replace the company's original Hydrosense soil moisture system.
New Lightning Warning and Detection System from Campbell Scientific Aust
29.04.2011 - Campbell Scientific Aust introduces a new lightning warning and detection system designed for lightning detection within a 30km radius.
CWS900A 900 MHz Wireless Sensor Interfaces from Campbell Scientific Aust
28.04.2011 - The CWS900A available from Campbell Scientific Aust is a line of 900 MHz wireless sensor interfaces that allows a variety of sensors to be used in a wireless sensor network.
CWS220A 900 MHz Wireless Infrared Radiometers from Campbell Scientific Aust
27.04.2011 - Campbell Scientific Aust presents the CWS220A, a wireless version of their SI-111 infrared radiometers designed for surface temperature measurements using a non-contact method.
Quick Deployment Bushfire Emergency Weather Stations from Campbell Scientific Aust
21.04.2011 - Campbell Scientific Aust introduces a quick monitoring and reporting solution for use in extreme environments to alert and notify of changing weather conditions.
Visual Weather weather station software
05.11.2010 - This weather station software requires no programming knowledge to use and it takes just minutes to configure.
LoggerNet 4 Data Logger Support Software
05.11.2010 - LoggerNet is the main data logger support software package available from Campbell Scientific Aust.
CPEC200 Closed-Path Eddy-Covariance flux system from Campbell Scientific Aust
04.11.2010 - The CPEC200 is a closed path eddy covariance (EC) flux system for the long term monitoring of atmosphere-biosphere exchanges of carbon dioxide, water vapour, heat, and momentum.
Campbell Wireless Sensor Networks
04.11.2010 - Campbell Wireless Sensor Networks are made up of a CWB100 Wireless Base Station and one or more wireless sensors.
Simple water management tools from Campbell Scientific Aust
23.06.2010 - Efficient water management is becoming more and more important for both environmental and fiscal reasons.
Campbell Scientific measurement and control datalogger used in space station plant-growth experiment
17.06.2010 - For eight years, the Russian module of the International Space Station has hosted a plant-growing experiment that has a Campbell Scientific measurement and control datalogger at its heart.
Automated monitoring systems from Campbell Scientific ideal for dam monitoring
16.06.2010 - Over the years, Campbell Scientific's automated monitoring systems have provided reliable solutions for all types of dams - both embankment and concrete, and both new and existing.
Water Management Challenges and data loggers from Campbell Scientific
15.06.2010 - The CR800, CR850 and CR1000 data loggers have been widely used in hydrological and hydrographic applications throughout Australia and many other countries throughout the world.
Monitoring Reef Survival - Campbell Scientific systems instrumental in monitoring the Great Barrier Reef
09.04.2009 - The great barrier reef, available from Campbell Scientific, is being hooked up to a high-tech monitoring system. The great barrier reef ocean observing system (GBROOS) will monitor conditions crucial to the reef’s survival and provide an early warnin
NL120 Ethernet Module released from Campbell Scientific Australia
07.04.2009 - Campbell Scientific have released NL120 Ethernet module, which allows either a CR1000 or CR3000 data logger to communicate over a local network or a dedicated Internet connection through TCP/IP.
Flood Warning Systems
06.04.2009 - A flood warning system configured around a Campbell Scientific data logger offers a solution which can be scaled from a single monitoring point to an integrated network of hundreds of stations, allowing users to monitor flood-prone regions and respon
Campbell Scientific DOT 600 Roadbed Water Content Meter – Ideal for Construction & Infrastructure Industries
03.04.2009 - The DOT600 roadbed water content meters, available from Campbell Scientific, are used in construction applications to measure volumetric and gravimetric water content of samples of earthen material in
COM 320 Voice Enabled Modem from Campbell Scientific
02.04.2009 - Campbell Scientific Aust’s COM320 voice-synthesiser modem provides a CR800, CR850, CR1000, or CR3000 data logger with speech capability - enabling the user to call a site for a spoken summary of real-
Campbell Scientific Aust CR1000 and CR211 data loggers assess WSUD facilities at Coomera Waters
30.03.2009 - The Campbell Scientific Aust CR1000 and CR211 data loggers employed at the Coomera Waters project use the Pakbus communication protocol to communicate by three separate radio networks. The data routed from the CR211 data loggers to the CR1000 data lo
Campbell Scientific Aust CR10X data logger measures sap velocity at Tasmania
27.03.2009 - A Campbell Scientific Aust CR10X data logger, two third party sapflow sensors and a Theta probe are used to measure and calculate sap velocity, transpiration volume and soil volumetric water content. The relationship between these plantation attribut
Campbell Scientific Aust RM young wind monitor gauges wind conditions
26.03.2009 - Campbell Scientific Aust designed a wind monitoring system that accurately gauged the current wind conditions at the site, communicating with an existing telemetry system networked to the locomotives
Monitoring Weather Conditions on Sydney Harbour Bridge
25.03.2009 - In 2005, Campbell Scientific Australia were approached to provide a reliable, cost-effective solution for providing weather monitoring equipment on top of Sydney Harbour Bridge.
Campbell Scientific Aust CR211 data loggers with spread spectrum radio to monitor surface and ground water resources
24.03.2009 - According to Campbell Scientific Aust, monitoring and managing surface and ground water resources is an important task for government. Increasing pressures on water resources due to drought and climat
Campbell Scientific CR1000 data acquisition system monitors installation of Ramses II statue at Giza
23.03.2009 - Telemac were involved in monitoring crack movement and inclination of the 11m high, 100 tonne statue of Ramses II during its relocation from the centre of Cairo to Giza last August, using the CR1000 d
Campbell Scientific Data Loggers Instrumental in Monitoring Fire Behaviour Studies
20.03.2009 - Campbell Scientific Aust CR10X and CR3000 data loggers with an AM25T thermocouple multiplexer were chosen to measure the complex sensor arrangement consisting of custom-made narrow-angle radiometers,
Campbell Scientific Aust release new training schedule 2009
09.12.2008 - Campbell Scientific Aust (CSA) have released their new training schedule for 2009 with the inclusion of a second day in the advanced course. The CRBasic 3 day training course offers users with a chance to learn how to use and program Campbell data lo
Campbell Scientific introduce new OBS sensor range for measuring turbidity
08.12.2008 - In late 2007 Campbell Scientific, represented by Campbell Scientific Aust, have purchased D&A Instruments and now produce their existing OBS sensors. Since then Campbell Scientific have also released three new sensors.
CS431 submersible pressure transducer from Campbell Scientific Aust
03.11.2008 - The CS431 submersible pressure transducer, available from Campbell Scientific Aust measures both water level and water temperature in one compact package and is suitable for hydrological and water quality applications.
109SS temperature probe from Campbell Scientific
31.10.2008 - The 109SS temperature probe is the latest release from Campbell Scientific, Inc. (CSI) and is now available in Australia. Consisting of a thermistor encased in a stainless-steel sheath, the rugged stainless-steel sheath protects the thermistor while
Barometric pressure sensors available from Campbell Scientific Aust
24.10.2008 - The CS100, available from Campbell Scientific Aust, is a barometric pressure sensor. The standard barometric pressure range is 600 to 1100 mb, which is approximately sea level to 3660m (12000 feet). The CS100 is manufactured by Setra as their Model 2
Campbell Scientific Aust offer AVW200 vibrating-wire interface module
23.10.2008 - Campbell Scientific Aust have announced the addition of the AVW200 vibrating-wire interface module to their Campbell range that will improve vibrating-wire measurements. Vibrating-wire technology is used in many sensors, including strain gauges, pres
Campbell Scientific Aust provide guidance to choose a Weather station
22.10.2008 - Campbell Scientific Aust supply a range of data acquisition systems, data loggers, sensors, peripherals and telemetry options for environmental and industrial applications. While purchasing a weather station, the users must select the correct station
Campbell Scientific Aust provide CR800 data logger
21.10.2008 - The CR800 data logger from Campbell Scientific Aust is a smaller version of their CR1000 data logger. The CR800 data logger function as an alternative for measurements of a limited number of sensors, yet can be used with most of the communication dev
Campbell Scientific Aust introduce the CR3000 data logger
17.10.2008 - The CR3000 data logger from Campbell Scientific Aust is suitable for industry users needing a rugged, reliable data logger.
ET107 weather station from Campbell Scientific Aust
16.10.2008 - Campbell Scientific Aust provide the ET107 weather station, a preconfigured weather station with a standard sensor set. Designed for permanent installations, the ET107 weather station is ideal for golf courses, irrigation applications and most locati
2-Channel Vibrating-Wire Spectrum analyser available from Campbell Scientific Aust
15.10.2008 - The new AVW200 2-Channel Vibrating-Wire Spectrum analyser interface module, available from Campbell Scientific Aust, applies a new method for measuring the sensors frequency.
COM220 phone modem from Campbell Scientific Aust
14.10.2008 - The COM220 phone modem from Campbell Scientific Aust allows users to communicate between data loggers and a computer through a public switched telephone network.
Campbell Scientific Aust introduce the CR1000 data logger
14.10.2008 - Campbell Scientific Aust have released the CR1000 data logger. The CR1000 data logger is suitable for long-term, remote deployment under a wide range of applications and industries, including the environmental, hydrological, mining and geotechnical s
CR800 data logger available from Campbell Scientific Aust
13.10.2008 - The CR800 data logger, available from Campbell Scientific Aust, is a smaller version of the CR1000 data logger. The CR800 data logger provides a lower-cost data logger alternative for measurements of a limited number of sensors, yet can be used with
Campbell Scientific Aust introduce SR50A sonic ranging sensor
10.10.2008 - The SR50A sonic ranging sensor from Campbell Scientific Aust was specifically designed to meet the requirements of snow depth measurement.
Campbell Scientific CR800 series data loggers for small to medium long term or remote applications
08.12.2006 - Campbell Scientific CR800 series data loggers are a complete new measurement and control system, designed to take over from the previous CR510 data logger.
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