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Campbell Scientific weather stations are used world wide over a variety of applications including weather monitoring and weather testing for meteorology, research and education, agriculture.

Campbell Scientific weather monitoring instruments offer the flexibility to easily change sensor configurations, data processing, and data storage and retrieval options. The weather montioring equipment includes preconfigured weather stations or custom designed weather stations to suit all applications.

Campbell Scientific Weather Monitoring Equipment

  • These remote weather stations are specifically designed for long term remote use
  • High grade weather monitoring instrumentation
  • These weather sensors are built to withstand all weather conditions
  • A range of communication options allowing you to collect data over radio, phone and internet links
  • Weather monitoring software allows you to display data in graphical formats

Weather Stations for All Weather Conditions

  • Agricultural and Hydrology
  • Weather Research and Education
  • Wind Farming and Utilities
  • Meterological air monitoring equipment
  • Air quality meters for accurate air quality monitoring
  • Fire management equipment and fire prevention equipment
The weather stations are known for precision weather measurement capability, rugged construction, precise weather sensors, wide operating temperature range, and low power consumption. Campbell Scientific Aust information and contact details

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