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ET107 weather station from Campbell Scientific Aust

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Campbell Scientific Aust  provide the ET107 weather station, a preconfigured weather station with a standard sensor set. Designed for permanent installations, the ET107 weather station is ideal for golf courses, irrigation applications and most locations where weather data is desired.

Data is typically telemetered through a short-haul or phone modem back to an office P.C. allowing users to easily view the data without being on-site. Users can easily calculate ETo with the data collected from the station using Visual Weather software to control their water usage.

The features of the ET107 weather station include:

  • Preconfigured ETo station calculates potential ET, allowing users to control their water usage
  • Uses standard suite of meteorological sensors
  • No wiring required; uses sealed connectors for sensor hook-up
  • Optional 2- or 3-meter height
  • Telemetry options that can be added using short-haul modem and telephone modem packages
  • Barometric pressure version also available on enquiry

The following are the specifications of the ET107 weather station:

The sensors used in the ET107 weather station have the same specifications as the sensors used in Campbell Scientific Aust’s customised stations. The suffix -ET or ETM indicates that these sensors have a connector added to the end of the sensor to interface with the ET107 enclosure.

The following are the sensors that are included with the purchase of the ET107 weather station:

  • CS305-ETM - Solar Radiation Sensor
  • HMP50-ET - Air Temperature and Relative Humidity Probe
  • TE525-ET - Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge
  • 034B-ETM - Wind Set or
  • WindSonic1-ETM - 2-D Sonic Wind Sensor

The measurement and control electronics included in the ET107 weather station are:

  • Temperature range: -25° to +50°C
  • Memory: 2 MBs flash for operating system; 2 MBs for CPU usage, program storage, and data storage
  • Power supply requirements: 9.6 to 16 Vdc

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