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article image The CWB100 base station serves as a gateway to the wireless sensor network

Campbell Scientific Aust 's Wireless Sensor Networks are made up of a CWB100 Wireless Base Station and one or more wireless sensors. The base station can be viewed as the gateway to the network. It communicates with a Campbell Scientific CR800-series, CR1000, or CR3000 datalogger via a control port.

Communication between the base station and the wireless sensors in the network is carried out using a sensor network protocol. In addition, any sensor can serve as an RF repeater to communicate with other wireless sensors. A sensor can route its transmissions through up to three other sensors on the way back to the base station.

There is a number of wireless sensors:

  • The CWS900 connects to a wide variety of sensors.
  • The CWS655 Wireless Water Content Reflectometer measures volumetric soil
  • water content, electrical conductivity (EC), dielectric permittivity, and ambient temperature of soils.
  • The CWS220 Wireless Infrared Radiometer provides a non-contact means of measuring the surface temperature of an object.

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